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Get Your Smoothies Off The Smoothie Boat...

So not sure about our Smoothies, hop on the Smoothie Boat and for just shipping cost try your FREE sample! 

Sit back and take a trip to the Tropics as you make your own great-tasting, healthy fruit drinks.

Non-dairy,low calorie,fresh fruit shakes that come in an extensive blend of customer-defined fresh fruit combinations.

Per 16ounce serving:

136 calories;2 gram fat ;0 cholesterol; 28 grams carbohydrate;  0 grams added sugar; 16 grams natural sugar
 4 grams protein ; 4 grams fiber

Nutrition bonus: Vitamin C (111% daily value)


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Verified Marie

Wonderful flavor. Easy to use. Combined with any fruit or by itself it makes the best smoothies I have ever had. Read More